Today our blog post is going to be about another person (I know finally someone other than me). A travel blogger and I believe an influencer, Adham Hamshary. Adham was kind and humble enough to let me interview and introduce him to all of you ( I AM SO EXCITED).

Before I jump to the interview I am going to present Adham from Zeina perspective (which we all know its the best *sunglasses emoji*). I met Adham once in an travelling event in Jordan, he was one of the speakers that literally blew my mind and actually gave me hope to continue so HI ADHAM, YOU ROCK. He is from Egypt, the cool country with the pyramids, so he’s as cool as the pyramids.


Adham Hamshary

Shall we start? I am going to try to take you with me through this very simple interview I had with him and share his awesome answers with all of you.

My 1st question was how do you introduce yourself? or the very generic question ‘ Who are you’? (smart one right, I know):

” I am an Engineer, I always identified myself as an engineer cause I actually love and work in an engineering field. On the other hand I am a travel blogger (cool right), traveling and traveling in the way I travel changed me a lot, it made me a different man.”

I should mention that Adham ONLY travel with his backpack (I mean ladies our makeup need at least one bag).


Serious look.

Why did you start blogging? You should know that Adham Facebook page Around The World got over 100,000 Followers!! Insane!!

Adham reply : ” I always wanted to travel, when I was younger I couldn’t travel so I only travelled inside Egypt and started writing notes on my facebook page as a status, a lot of people told me that you will never travel, you need lots of money to travel and I almost gave up. I thought why not share my stories or my tips to travel with more people and tell them that a normal guy like you and me, who doesn’t have a wealth, who didn’t travel when he was young. If I can do it then you can.”


he is the one in the background 😀

Part of Adham dream to influence people to chase their dreams, in this crazy life with this crazy stuff happening around us, people might give up and stop believing BUT he wants people to chase their dreams because we only live once. ( I mean common isn’t he great haha).  Adham Also shared with me that, he wants to reflect the good side of humans, “sure there is wars and bad people but there is also hope and faith that people are good” and thats why people I like Adham, Hope is just what we need!! (chills)

I don’t want this to be a very long post cause I know we all get bored at some stage, SO Final two question in one sentence: Family, how do you manage staying away from your family? and are you happy in your life now?

” One of the hardest things in life staying away from your family but they understand my dream and now social media made everything possible (MOM DO YOU HEAR THIS) so I try to keep them updated and share everything with them, they are very supportive and my mom is the reason for the man I am today.”

For me family is the most important thing so I asked this question because it is important to know how fellow travelers manage this.

“And yes I am happy with my life, I want to inspire more people to travel and achieve their dreams”


Cool pose.

So that is it people, Adham one of the normal guys yet not so normal, I am glad that he accepted to do my very 1st interview with him *tears of joy*. Thank you Adham!

Thank you all for reading again and wish a very happy day ahead. Check him out on his facebook page Around The World and take a look at my facebook page also The Zeina Diary.


I hate the lighting BUT Love the photo.


Author: Zeina

An Iraqi/ Hijabi Travel blogger. Trying to make a difference! I want to empower women and Iraqis in specific.
However, I faced a lot of obstacles because of my Passport, I don’t have the luxury to travel to many countries, but I will continue to believe in myself and the world.

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