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Who is Zeina?

Today’s blog post is going to be more personal, I want you to know ME more, about Zeina! and more about why I started this blog! Name: Zeina. Age: 25 years old (OLD)! Nationality: Iraqi, Arab. Education: Chemical engineer and MBA holder. Status: Single (haha). WARNING: this is going to be long Post!!! One upon […]


Barber From Belgium

Meet Barber, an awesome guy with a big heart. Barber was the 1st friend I met while I was in Turkey and tho his name means a hair dresser HAHA, he is one of the funniest and loveliest persons I have met. He’s smart, sweet and caring. And this is his Post about his country Belgium!! Belgium […]

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دليل ل اول اسبوع في اسطنبول

البوست هذا رح يكون عن اذا انت مثلا سافرت ل اسطنبول وقررت تدرس او تعيش او حتى سياحة وحاير كيف رح تبلش، هذا البوست رح يساعدك ب اول اسبوع ،  رح يتكون هل بوست على كلمات تركية بسيطة تساعدك .. اشياء لازم تكون عندك حتى تقدر تتنقل بين مكان والثاني وآخر شي اشياء انا كنت […]