Hello everyone! So excited you are here. Today’s blog post is about the beautiful Cappadocia, I mean I am pretty sure after this post you are going to be like I HAVE TO GO, TAKE MY MONEY NOW.

Cappadocia, one of the oldest cities in Turkey, very beautiful, very very different, very small and very boring if you are going to stay for more than 5 days UNLESS you love calm places (I am A city Girl *cool emoji*). In this post, I am going to talk about the city itself, the awesome Air balloon ride and the famous underground cities of Cappadocia, Shall we begin? 😀


Cool Picture right.

The city of Cappadocia

So what’s special about this city? why should you or anybody go? simple answer, ITS AWESOME. The whole city has this fairy chimneys rocks or mountains (I call them mushroom mountains) which when you see it for the 1st time you are going to be WOOOW. Another thing I noticed about Cappadocia that they have ALOT of evil eye thingy and wishes trees! which give this brown city a little bit of blue so cool! I put my wish on the tree ( which was to eat as soon as possible).

Important note about transportation: If you are going to take a bus from Istanbul to Cappadocia it will last for 10 FREAKING hours. By plane its 1 hour ( SEE the difference). Try to book the plane early so it will be cheap (around 100 TL). Another tip that if you are going with a tourist company thats fine (I don’t recommend it cause you will loose all the fun of travelling). If not, then you have to rent a car or know someone that have a car cause there is NO TRANSPORTATION!

The Balloon Ride

Now, everyone knows that if you are going to Cappadocia then you HAVE to do the air balloon ride. It is one of the best places to do so. The down side of it, is that you have to wake up from 4 AM *crying emoji*. But after you wake up and go to the balloons station, you will realise that It is WORTH it! the view of the balloons in the morning and sunrise is just something you have to see! Once in a life time!.


I mean really this picture is nothing compared to the reality (Pic by Lorenz Miri; the cool Italian guy).

So I discovered while making this post that I don’t have many pictures of the balloon ride!! :'( thats why I always tell you take as many pictures as you can (still crying inside).


Best Group EVER!

The Underground Cities

As I understood from our guide (which wasn’t a very good one, very bad thats why I don’t recommend tours) that the underground cities were built to protect the people from the army that came to kill them. What amazed me about this that it was a whole city downstairs, Kitchen, bathroom and a living room, I mean everything!! build in rocks down there. Its very wonderful to see how people didn’t surrender to fear but lived and made an amazing home.


Have no Idea why I look like this but there you have it.

Also, Another thing to catch up while you are in Cappadocia is the Open Air museum of Goreme, which includes many many cool churches and amazing place to walk in (I sounded like a tour guide, right? TO THE LEFT).


Mushrooms rocks.

In the end, I really didn’t give Cappadocia its justice cause it was really amazing and different more than what I showed, something you have to see and experience.

Special thanks to Maysam, Esmer and Lorenz for their lovely pictures of Cappadocia.


Beautiful Picture by the lovely Esmer <3

Thank you again for reading this post and I will also put some links that will help you with your search about Cappadocia:

Places to see in Cappadocia

General Information about Cappadocia

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