I didn’t know if I should write this post or not but I asked my Instagram family and they have answered!! Food is the tricky part about traveling, it is the soul of the city or the country!! and hey eating is some kind of sport (in my book)!

Amman is one of the Arabic cities that is famous for their local, Arabic flavors! every dish asks for your love and eventually, you will gain a few pounds.

This post is not going to be about the traditional food places but rather strange or unknowns places to eat in Amman.

I visited every one of them and I really enjoy the taste!! ** this post is not sponsored by anyone **

It’s like showing my friends my favorite food spots in Amman!!

#1 Khan Baghdad

As an Iraqi, having a place similar to home is important to me, tasting Kabab or fish (Maskoof done in our way) is a must!! every family gathering we tend to visit Iraq with our signature dishes.

if you are wondering how to win an Iraqi heart? well, food is always the answer.

#2 Thalati

If you are a meat lover like a lot of us in the Middle East! then you will enjoy the taste of this well-cooked meet!! This place presents every kind of meat and man you have to eat, eat and eat!!

#3 Luna Rossa Pizzeria by Franco

I have been searching for a good Italian place in Amman for ages, then one of my friends posted about an old man who lived his entire life in Italy and recently opened a restaurant here!! next day I was there and omg it tasted so good!! everything is fresh and made with love.

The place is like a museum with all of Italy souvenirs and pictures.

#4 Shams Al Balad

If you are vegetarian or just want to eat health Shams Al Balad is your destination, it is very hard to find a vegetarian restaurant in Amman since everyone loves meat and chicken hehe!! But Shams is really worth it!

I recommend visiting the place in the morning, as you will be able to see the layout of Amman from there.

Pic by @hasanwadah

#5 Tabliyet Alia

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! and as a morning person, having a tasty breakfast will set my mood for the day!! Tabliyet is a new restaurant in Abdoun, it has this spectacular view of Abdoun bridges and the design of the place itself is AMAZING! It’s like you are in Istanbul but still in Amman.

Pic by @hasanwadah

And a bonus place just in case you aren’t hungry yet :p

#6 Zait w Zater

This is not a traditional breakfast place, it’s more of a yummy kinda fancy place to have breakfast in! Visit the Abdali branch and seriously it is such a beautiful way to start your day and you will be able to visit the Boulevard too!!

Again, this post is not sponsored, it is just my favorite places to eat in Amman!! if you like this type of blogs, I can do one for Turkey!

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