Another guest blogger added to our list! This time it’s from Batool!!

Batool is a successful architect and an amazing cook! lived in Germany for one year to discover a new culture and to make new stories! And I bet you she can take much better photos than me! hahah

Here is Batool story with Paris the dream city..

Paris … Paris was forever a dream for me to visit … always heard about its charm whether through my interest in fashion and it being a magnet hub for Mode capital hosting couture of my personally favorite designers or through its architecture that I studied about among my years in architectural school from historical up to Modernity like Centre Pompidou.

It was definitely  a great experience to visit the city of art, fashion, gastronomy and culture wherever I look at any angle I see a perspective combining modern and historical stories of architecture, fashion, culture as well as beauty into one frame blowing your mind away.

The best part of visiting it while I was a student, I was able to enter all museums there for free imagine the number of available marvelous museums like du Louvre and de l’Orangerie in such a city full of spectacular art! Furthermore, I was able to observe its unique urban planning through a city view on top of Arc de Triomphe where this city planning had been set a model example for a lot of countries throughout human development! Of course food is definitely part of exploring any culture where I was so right about my expectations and high quality (especially you don’t wanna miss the Macarons trust me).

Paris was a target for different bloggers whether fashion bloggers , food bloggers or traveling with its most Instagrammable Eiffel Tower, Montmartre, Grand Palais and much more … (just like the entire CITY)… so I did this trick before going there and I kept searching through out Instagram for the best pictures of Paris in different fields  and I used to take similar angles but combining different aspects and then casually have a cup of coffee with the best cheesecake in Shakespeare and co. next door café while reading a book I just bought there with Notre-Dame cathedral as a view from their window and some landscape and river.

Also, don’t miss the best way to visit the “City of Light” enjoying a cruise on the Seine, especially at night. When the sun sets, the monuments are lit slowly. You get a panoramic view to the forefront so you can enjoy the beauty of Paris: Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Pont Alexandre III and many more.


Thank you Batool!! those Macarons looks YUMMMY!! and you sure look better than a fashion blogger!!!

If you want to be part of our amazing world of guest bloggers just send me a message or an email with your story <3 Love you all and thank you for tuning around for this one!

This time our guest blogger is a sweet girl who I met actually online through a facebook group called Girls Love Travel! Meryem introduced me to Morocco and Mohammedia by her pictures and by her good nature.

Meryem Lives in Mohammedia which for a lot of people is not well known! However we are lucky enough to have a beautiful girl like Meryem to show us around! Here is Mohammedia by Meryem.

Whenever I ask a foreign person about the places they know in Morocco, they always respond with “Marrakech” or “Fes”.. No one can deny the beauty that holds these cities besides many others as “Tangier” or “Agadir” .. But in my opinion, one always tend to visit the most popular cities or places in a country, and avoid to visit unknown places.

I guess, this is why few people know about my city called : Mohammedia. So let me give a brief presentation about it : Mohammedia firstly was named Fedala (فضالة). It lies between Casablanca and Rabat (The capital). Known for being the city of flowers, very calm unlike the crowded Casablanca, also for its fishing port, beautiful beaches, and forests around it. One of its main historical landmarks is the Kasbah, wich is a big wall surrounding and protecting the old medina that goes back to the 18th century.

For me, I was born in Casablanca, the biggest and craziest city in Morocco, but for some reason my family had to move to Mohammedia when I was little. So, when I was still a child, I used to ride my bike and go swimming every morning at the beach during my summer vacation with my father discussing and discovering new things, to go to the market every Saturday to get the supplies with my mother, to play in the park without any care. And I think, these are the main reasons that made this city look so special in my eyes. Sometimes the simple things take big parts in our hearts.

Growing up, I realized that my hobbies didn’t change too much, I’m still the young girl who loves going to the beach very often, would it be only for reading a book or watching boats and ships passing by, people playing with their children or fishing with their dogs, sometimes just for having the pleasure to lay on the sand hearing the sound of the waves and relax.

Sometimes mother nature reward us with its beautiful landscapes, and one of my favorite things to do while in the beach, is watching the sunsets, whether in summer or winter. I find it fascinating!

When it’s spring, going in the surroundings on a pique-nique with friends and making a delicious Tajine while drinking a Moroccan mint tea is a real pleasure to me.

This was a small introduction to Morocco and specifically Mohammedia! That last photo got me hungry hmmm! Thank You again Meryem for this beautiful trip home!

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Today’s blog is different, it is by an amazing person and a photographer; Ehab! I fell in love with his pictures, every picture tells a story. It is true that a picture says a thousand word and with Ehab pictures, they say a million word especially Zanzibar pictures.

Ehab is going to tell you the story of Zanzibar by his pictures! No words needed.. just beautiful pictures!!

Just a small introduction about Ehab, He quit engineering and pursued his passion .. it wasn’t easy but it’s never easy to achieve greatness! Ehab was one of the King’s photographers (AWESOME!!). I can simply say Ehab is thoughtful, amazing and have a huge heart person which you will see that  in his pictures!

I am not going to write more because people, pictures speak from themselves.

You can follow him on his Facebook page Ehab Othman And at his blog

What do you think of this heaven on earth? We are scared of the unknown places but there is a beauty there that will leave you amazed! Zanzibar was and still is on the top of my list and with those pictures I felt like I was there! Thank you Ehab for those great pictures!

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Meet Micaela , a young inspiring woman I was honored to know! Micaela is studying Kinesiology with a minor in Psychology in Canada. Her ultimate goal is to learn sign language so she can help as much people as she can (I KNOW SHE’S AMAZING).

Micaela started a blog with her friends to provide a creative and a reliable content to her readers (I am following her)! You should too Caffeinated Curiosity!

And here is her post about Canada/ Vancouver!

I currently, and always have lived in Canada. I’m grateful for the freedom we have in this country and the multi-cultural melting pot that comes with living in a large city like Vancouver. Many different types of food, languages, religions and festivals can be experienced and have become part of my daily living.

Living in Vancouver means I can visit the ocean and enjoy the beach or I can go for a walk in the forest and hike the mountains. Also if you are fitness nut like me you will love the overall health/nature and vegan vibes in the area.

When you speak about Canada you will think bad weather, it is true that rain is not for everyone and in the Winter I particularly miss the sunshine (luckily it doesn’t last too long), However there is a variety of climate and weather throughout the seasons – not too hot, not too cold (Lucky us).

The four seasons of Vancouver, British Columbia (BC) in Canada are distinct and have personas of their own.

Fall is wet and wild – winds and rain conduct the orchestra of painted leaves as they dance. Leaving the trees and covering the walkways they create a canvas of light and art. When the leaves are dry, the crunch beneath your feet is unlike any other; it satisfies the soul.

Winter is dark and mysterious – the days are shorter as daylight savings kicks in, meaning it’s dark when you wake up and it’s dark early in the evening. This is not my favorite season. Snow is variable, some years we hardly have any on the West Coast and other times, like this year we have some record breaking amounts. It was comical how unprepared local transit systems were and how buses could not manage commutes uphill. Exams were rescheduled at UBC (University of British Columbia), where I attend post-secondary school, and I got stuck walking in above the ankle white fluffy messes of snow, multiple times.

Spring is dewy and bright – flowers start to bloom, and the sun shines with reflective rays on the water. The ocean sings her song and sprouts flourish and moan. Beware, this season looks warm but a cool breeze can beckon from any direction and make you wish you brought a sweater and didn’t pull out the shorts quite so early.

Summer is dreamy and welcoming – the glowing sun is awake and alive, often before you are. She encourages being active with many water sports, and outdoor activities like hiking, biking, athletics, swimming. Vacations galore, free time spent with family and friends. Lake days. Beach days. Cold drinks. Summer is the “cool aunt.” She wants you to be free, and enjoy yourself but reminds you that you will get burnt if you don’t slap on some sunscreen.

I recently accepted a job opportunity across the country leaving the city of Vancouver to our capital, Ottawa, Ontario (ON). I’m still getting to know the Summer over here in the East. My co-workers complain that I brought “Raincouver” (a nickname for Vancouver and its known amounts of rain) out to the east side of Canada. Disclaimer: I have no such weather powers.


I love exploring and city living. Being in crowded and busy places, particularly when I am by myself. This gives me energy and makes me so incredibly happy. Every chance that I get, I pack my camera with me and snap pictures of whatever I see.

I post regularly about my Ottawa adventures on Caffeinated Curiosity and share pictures on Instagram as well @caffeinatedcuriosity or my personal account @micaela.rc

Here you go a small inside story about Canada from Micaela! Her blog is amazing! Catch me next Tuesday for another Guest blog post on Facebook The Zeina Diary.

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Meet Barber, an awesome guy with a big heart. Barber was the 1st friend I met while I was in Turkey and tho his name means a hair dresser HAHA, he is one of the funniest and loveliest persons I have met. He’s smart, sweet and caring.

And this is his Post about his country Belgium!!

Belgium isn’t the most famous country. It isn’t the most important country and it is definitely not the biggest country. When you hear its name, most of us think of chocolate, beer and that statue of a little peeing boy in the centre of Brussels. When asked what else Belgium is famous for, not many people will have something more to say. Even Belgians themselves wouldn’t know what to say. We don’t have the cuisine of France, we don’t have the history of Germany, nor do we have the art of Italy. However with one of the most multicultural populations in the world, three official languages and its central position within European history, those who do take the effort to discover this tiny little country, are in for a treat.

With just 30.500 square kilometres Belgium is the smallest country in Western Europe. Yet despite its lack of space, it harbours countless treasures of beauty. Cities like Namur, Spa, Durbuy, Liege, Bruges,

Antwerp, Ieper, Brussels; are amongst the worlds most beautiful. Famous artists like Van Eyck, Rubens, Horta, Magritte fill Belgiums world-renowned museums. There are countless medieval castles, monasteries and churches spread over the country. And for those who enjoy dancing, we have ‘Tomorrowland,’ the world’s most famous music- festival.

In my opinion, however, Belgiums most important treasure is Ghent.

Though lesser known then Bruges, I would argue this city is the most beautiful place in Belgium, maybe even in the world. For those like me, fascinated with the Middle Ages, this is heaven on earth. Gothic and baroque churches pierce the city skies. A 12th-century castle dominates the historic centre. Picturesque alleyways take you across wondrous tourist shops, delicious restaurants, artisanal workers and hipster coffee bars. Breath-taking views over Ghents countless water canals are never far away. And with its beautiful belfry, precious art- treasures, majestic opera-building and open green spaces; there is something to enjoy for everybody.

Walking in this special city brings you in a movie, a gothic movie where magic, history and a touch of darkness collide. A movie that gives you chills, a movie that enchains you to its every image. A movie that hunts your dreams and never lets go. This is a city with a unique atmosphere where history comes alive, and where the magic of dreams and movies still prevails reality. This is a city like there is no other in the world. Wees welgekomen.

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