As a hijabi or a Muslim living in an international community, I get asked a lot of questions about my religion or my Hijab!

I love, LOVE to answer every single question, it is my way to show you the real me and my real religion!! So I thought why don’t I gather all the questions I get asked and put them in one funny blog post! Will I did!

General information

*Hijab: headscarf or a piece of cloth that cover your head!

*Hijabi: A woman who wears Hijab or head scarf.

*Everything I wrote here is from my perspective, not others, you will find lots of people disagree with me, which is totally fine as long there are love and respect!

Simple questions

Q:Do you have hair under your scarf?

As funny this question is, People really ask this question cause they really don’t know!

A:yes, we do have hair, curly, Straight or even wavy.

Q: Do you wear Hijab in your house?

A: No, we remove our hijab once we get in the house! Like we can’t wait to remove it!

Q:Do you wear hijab in front of your dad, brother, uncle or even your husband?

A: No, we don’t wear hijab in front our close family! In the contrary, we wear whatever we want in front of our family even dresses hehe.

Q:Do you sleep with your Hijab?

A: No, no waaaaay it is soooo hard to keep it for the day imagine we sleep with it!!

Q: Are you allowed to go out of the house?

A: well I travel alone all the time this can be an answer for you hehe.

I have to say that in every society, there is the good and the bad part, some societies don’t let women go out bla bla bla.

On A Serious Note

Q:Are you forced by your family or society to wear Hijab?

A: For my part, No I am not forced, However, lots of girls feel pressured by their society to wear it!

As I said, there is always two sides of the story and there are always a good and a bad part.

A lot of Arab women choose to wear it and still manage to be fearless and awesome, yet on the other hand, a lot are forced.

Q:Have you ever been treated differently?

A: Yes, I have been through lots of situations where I felt like I am not good enough because of what my Hijab present. But when I face some bad in the world there are always some people who will make me feel good and happy!

Q: why are hijab styles generally differ from one region to another? For example my style and Iranian or Emirate style?

A: This really depends on the culture, cultures have their own way of expressing, each culture has their signature hijab style. Like I can tell where this girl from her Hijab style if that makes any kind of sense!!

Q: Do you wear Makeup?

A: I do!! I love love makeup! although I don’t wear that much, I have tons of makeup in my room!

Q: Are you allowed to talk to guys?

A: Yes, I am, I have many favorite guy friends who I love like a family! I have been to their engagements or even introduced them to their future wife!

There you have it! I hope it gave you some kind of idea about Hijab or Hijabis in general! If you have more questions I would love to answer them and maybe add them to this post!!
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