Hola Everyone! Welcome to another blog post and thank you so much for reading this LOVE TO ALL OF YOU. Today our blog post is going to be about a city in Europe that I think everyone loves and wants to visit, Barcelona.

The beautiful city in Spain. I mean we all know Barcelona from it’s famous team and MESSI! But in today’s post I will try to give you little tips and information about things to do and a little tiny bit of history.

Things you must have before you go:

  • Google maps! If you have internet then this will be your pal. You need it for transportation stuff.
  • Maps.me! I talked about this before, you can use maps.me without internet just download the map of the city and go on. Click to Download the App.
  • Musement.com! This is a website where you can buy tickets before you go, so you don’t have to wait in line cause the lines are HUGE!


  • SUNSCREEN! You are going to Barcelona, Its going to be extra hot and you will probably get burned so I TOLD YOU, BRING IT.



Now where to go? It is known that Bareclona is the city of dreams and Gaudí, which means it is going to be a city of art and culture. The streets will tell you a story so make sure to leave part of yours behind.

Casa Batlló

It was designed by the famous architect that designed most of the buildings in Barcelona; Antoni Gaudí. It is his actual house where he lived! he designed it based on nature and animals. I am not an architect but I know If you are one, you are going to die!!! It is a must visit place for the story behind it. Another place designed by him but not as beautiful as Casa Batlló; Casa Milà, which is  also a place that you have to visit.

Zeina Tip: Take the voice memo, it will guide you through the building and will show you an animated film about every corner in that house.



Camp Nou

If you are a fan of Barca! This will be your biggest birthday gift. You will be able to enter the stadium, walk in the hallways and go to the original players locker rooms! HOW COOL! You can take a seat in the stadium and enjoy the view of a place that witnessed a lot of amazing games that made history.

Entrance fees: 25 €.


Love Messi , Hate Neymar.

Sagrada Familia

I mean you will see this place from anywhere in the city. It is one of the biggest churches in the world and it haven’t been finished yet! They have been building it since 150 years, it was Gaudí last project and he’s also buried there.The details of Sagrada Familia are amazing and will take your breath away.

Again book your ticket before you go cause the lines are massive!

Lastly, the beaches of Barcelona!

Everyone goes there for the lovely atmosphere, the sun and the beaches (Also Spanish men but don’t tell anyone). Thats why you will need your sunscreen cause you don’t want to get burned!



At the end, this was a really small helper if you are lost in your 1st day in Barcelona, Nothing fancy here, I mean you know me. Thank you again for reading, and hope somehow my information helped you a little bit. Till next time.

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See the lines!

Disclaimer: This is all my brother pictures (Hasan), and he’s an architect thats why all of the building are Gaudí’s haha.