Meet Micaela , a young inspiring woman I was honored to know! Micaela is studying Kinesiology with a minor in Psychology in Canada. Her ultimate goal is to learn sign language so she can help as much people as she can (I KNOW SHE’S AMAZING).

Micaela started a blog with her friends to provide a creative and a reliable content to her readers (I am following her)! You should too Caffeinated Curiosity!

And here is her post about Canada/ Vancouver!

I currently, and always have lived in Canada. I’m grateful for the freedom we have in this country and the multi-cultural melting pot that comes with living in a large city like Vancouver. Many different types of food, languages, religions and festivals can be experienced and have become part of my daily living.

Living in Vancouver means I can visit the ocean and enjoy the beach or I can go for a walk in the forest and hike the mountains. Also if you are fitness nut like me you will love the overall health/nature and vegan vibes in the area.

When you speak about Canada you will think bad weather, it is true that rain is not for everyone and in the Winter I particularly miss the sunshine (luckily it doesn’t last too long), However there is a variety of climate and weather throughout the seasons – not too hot, not too cold (Lucky us).

The four seasons of Vancouver, British Columbia (BC) in Canada are distinct and have personas of their own.

Fall is wet and wild – winds and rain conduct the orchestra of painted leaves as they dance. Leaving the trees and covering the walkways they create a canvas of light and art. When the leaves are dry, the crunch beneath your feet is unlike any other; it satisfies the soul.

Winter is dark and mysterious – the days are shorter as daylight savings kicks in, meaning it’s dark when you wake up and it’s dark early in the evening. This is not my favorite season. Snow is variable, some years we hardly have any on the West Coast and other times, like this year we have some record breaking amounts. It was comical how unprepared local transit systems were and how buses could not manage commutes uphill. Exams were rescheduled at UBC (University of British Columbia), where I attend post-secondary school, and I got stuck walking in above the ankle white fluffy messes of snow, multiple times.

Spring is dewy and bright – flowers start to bloom, and the sun shines with reflective rays on the water. The ocean sings her song and sprouts flourish and moan. Beware, this season looks warm but a cool breeze can beckon from any direction and make you wish you brought a sweater and didn’t pull out the shorts quite so early.

Summer is dreamy and welcoming – the glowing sun is awake and alive, often before you are. She encourages being active with many water sports, and outdoor activities like hiking, biking, athletics, swimming. Vacations galore, free time spent with family and friends. Lake days. Beach days. Cold drinks. Summer is the “cool aunt.” She wants you to be free, and enjoy yourself but reminds you that you will get burnt if you don’t slap on some sunscreen.

I recently accepted a job opportunity across the country leaving the city of Vancouver to our capital, Ottawa, Ontario (ON). I’m still getting to know the Summer over here in the East. My co-workers complain that I brought “Raincouver” (a nickname for Vancouver and its known amounts of rain) out to the east side of Canada. Disclaimer: I have no such weather powers.


I love exploring and city living. Being in crowded and busy places, particularly when I am by myself. This gives me energy and makes me so incredibly happy. Every chance that I get, I pack my camera with me and snap pictures of whatever I see.

I post regularly about my Ottawa adventures on Caffeinated Curiosity and share pictures on Instagram as well @caffeinatedcuriosity or my personal account @micaela.rc

Here you go a small inside story about Canada from Micaela! Her blog is amazing! Catch me next Tuesday for another Guest blog post on Facebook The Zeina Diary.

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Author: Zeina

An Iraqi/ Hijabi Travel blogger. Trying to make a difference! I want to empower women and Iraqis in specific.
However, I faced a lot of obstacles because of my Passport, I don’t have the luxury to travel to many countries, but I will continue to believe in myself and the world.

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