Hello again wonderful people, today’s blog is about a place that we don’t hear a lot about; Pakistan!!

Pakistan is one of the countries that is known for it’s bad reputation hehe or let’s say it in another words (media doesn’t LIKE it that much). However, we are here to change this cause I believe there is beauty in every country we visit!

I went for 7 days and visited 2 of the big cities, Lahore and Islamabad.


I landed in Lahore, the airport was one of the basic airports in the world, a simple line and a passport guy! what I liked that they included women in the welcoming desks ( good sign).

To be honest I was a bit scared when I arrived, I thought everywomen will be covered from head to toe but guess what! They didn’t, they wear modest cloth and all of my friends were uncovered! They streets where 2 times wider than any country I visited.

I believe Lahore is the city that holds the real culture of Pakistan. As I heard from my friends, Lahore city is very old, they used red bricks to build houses and building, it is the main capital of Punjab! You can see both sides (modern and traditional) next to each other in a very special way. Although I was the only tourist there heheh but I enjoyed it.

One of my favorite moment is when I visited the Badshahi Mosque, it was something out of this world, the beauty of this mosque was in it’s details, I seriously can’t describe the peace I felt there.

That guy was totally posing for my picture.


I left Lahore and headed to Islamabad, again I thought I am going to see this really outdated city with no technology and stuff but guess what? It was even better than Lahore, again the streets were extremely wide. Metros, cafes, restaurants were available. Islamabad was more advanced than I imagined.

1st stop in Islamabad was Monal, I got a car, drove all up in the mountain and waited for the sun to go down, sat in this beautiful restaurant and just ate a bunch of meat.

2nd stop was Faisal Mosque the 3rd largest mosque in the world!!! So imagine my surprise when I saw it! it was so WHITE and modern. You can see from the picture how small I am haha.

Before I end this post, I have to talk about food! Of course since India and Pakistan is neighbors and I am like a Indian movies geek I imagined that I will love every meal there!! The food was tooooo spicy for me! ( You can imagine) Pakistani cuisine has a lot of food to offer, chicken, meet , everything!!

Money wise, you can cheap street food or expensive fancy restaurant meals!

I really wanted to share my experience with you all! I hope you enjoyed this one, don’t forget to share and like my facebook page The Zeina Diary!!

You are amazing, never ever forget that!! 

Author: Zeina

An Iraqi/ Hijabi Travel blogger. Trying to make a difference! I want to empower women and Iraqis in specific.
However, I faced a lot of obstacles because of my Passport, I don’t have the luxury to travel to many countries, but I will continue to believe in myself and the world.

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