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Is a passionate Iraqi woman trying to change people mindset about women and her country, she wants to show you the positive side of everything! Be part of her journey and life!

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Breaking Stereotypes - Faiza Alobaidy

Breaking Stereotypes is an online series to show off ordinary Arab women who are changing mindsets. Today's post is special to my heart because I am talking about a woman who inspired me to be me today! An Iraqi woman who fought the odds to…
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8 reasons why you should visit Turkey

I lived in Turkey/ Istanbul for 1.5 years, It is the place where I started my journey, A place where I found myself! A place I call Home. I wanted to share my love to this country and encourage you to discover a new and an exciting place!…
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My Pakistan Trip - Places to visit

Hello again wonderful people, today's blog is about a place that we don't hear a lot about; Pakistan!! Pakistan is one of the countries that is known for it's bad reputation hehe or let's say it in another words (media doesn't LIKE it that…
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Skin Care Routine - travel edition

This might not be my normal travel blog post but it is what every girl/woman loves to read! Skin Care girls! As a traveller ( I don't travel that much *hmm*) my skin get damaged easily and if I don't take the time to take care of it, baby…
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10 tips to be an expert tourist in Lebanon

Another country added to the list! YAAAY! Lebanon is not your normal country to travel to .. It's an small Arab country with European mentality! And though I searched a lot, there were little information about how to adjust and enjoy this country…
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Who is Zeina?

Today's blog post is going to be more personal, I want you to know ME more, about Zeina! and more about why I started this blog! Name: Zeina. Age: 25 years old (OLD)! Nationality: Iraqi, Arab. Education: Chemical engineer and MBA…

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