This blog post is going to be about something a little bit different than Istanbul, different than the sea and the city, something as amazing as Istanbul; Petra!! the pink city in the dessert.

I am sure all of you know that Petra is one of the new seven Wonders of World (cool right), I been there 3 times and each time it amazes me. In this post I am going to try to make you experience Petra as I did the last time and hopefully make you want to drop for a visit. (I am pretty sure you are going to love it, I mean Duh).



Having a photoshoot up there.

The journey from Amman to Petra will take about 2.45 hours, you can go by your own rental car or by a tour bus. You will arrive to the city of Petra which is a very small town with huge mountains surrounding it. After getting lost for a while you will find the entrance to PETRA (Finally). Foreigners have to pay 50 JD, remember to grab a map before you go inside.

NOTE: wear a sneaker hunni cause you will walk a lot!

Bab Al Siq

The real journey will start when you enter Bab Al Siq, its the way to reach AL Khazna (The Treasury). You will walk for almost 10-15 minutes (on the way back those going to be your worst nightmare *crying emoji*). After those 10-15 minutes, you go down a small hill and start walking between two mountains, seriously its just so different, its like walking in a secret path that lead to somewhere (you will smell some horse ‘ dirt’ on your way hehe I am SORRY).

The Treasury (Al Khazna)

After walking in Al Siq for almost 30 or 45 minutes  (with taking pictures, you will take a lot of them I know) You will see the epic, most wonderful place, hidden in the high mountains AL KHAZNA!!!


Camels posing for a pic.

The Khubtha Trail

Remember the pictures in the start, I am going to tell you how to reach there *wink wink*, here you go:

When you finish enjoying The Treasury and taking pictures with the camels hehe, its time to move on with the normal trail, you will reach The Theatre,on the right side of The Theatre, up in the Mountains you will see big ruins of an old city called the court, if you pass the court and put it on your right side, you will go on a trail called The Khubtha Trail (Only Only if you love hiking go on this road, cause oh my god it was very very very hard and I almost gave up on the way up , SO HAAARD!! worst than your worst nightmare).

You will start climbing never-ending stairs (oh lord, it never ended!), some people say it will take 30 minutes to reach to the top but it took us around 2 hours, so if you reach there within 30 minutes, I SALUTE YOU!


Hasan Dabbing his way up.

After enjoying the view and taking pictures, head back down, where you can continue with the rest of trail or go back, depends on you. As for me, well I was dead after those stairs.

I hope I gave you a glimpse of Petra and make you want to come and remove it from your bucket list. Thank you again for spending time in reading my post. Till next time.


Enjoying the view.

I put a link that contains the maps of the main and the side trail, a little bit of history and many information that might be useful:

Everything about Petra

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