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Today’s post is going to be about Dubai, Part 2!! The 1st one included all the malls and all the fancy shiz, now we are going to talk about Dubai Global village and Dubai Miracle Garden!! I hope you enjoy this one. All love to all of you.


Global Village

Entrance fees: 15 Dh ∼ 4 $

Hours open: 4 PM- 10 PM

Months open: 1st, November – 8th, April ( it only open for 6 months because of the heat in the rest of the months).

How to get there:

Two ways, the 1st one is very easy and very simple, just take a taxi to the global village which will cost you around 60 Dh.

The 2nd way is by bus and thats why I tried to explain it in boring details! (Thank you Zeina)!!

You have to go to Union metro station in the red line and take the village bus (103)! You have to ask exactly where the bus is stopping but it shall be easy (I mean I did it).

The bus will cost around 13 Dh, its well conditioned and really good bus BUT in Dubai nobody takes the bus so you might feel a little weird in the beginning but NO ONE CARES! Enjoy.

Basically Global Village is a place where you can find stuff from any country in the world! and it is HUGE! You can buy cloth, food, random stuff you won’t use and many many things.

I bought my Abaya from there for 100 DH :p We bought spices From Iran, scarves from Kuwait and CHEAP makeup stuff from China! How Awesome!! You will walk a lot and take pictures with every landscape till your mom gets mad (HI MAMA).

In the night, enjoy the cool weather and sit on the grass, grab Chai or Turkish Ice-cream and enjoy a cultural night.

Dubai Miracle Graden

Entrance fees: 40 Dh ∼ 10 $

Entrance fees for butterfly garden: 50 Dh ∼ 13 $

How to get there:

We got lost in the morning but apparently there is a bus from Emirates mall. We ended up taking a Taxi cause we were burned and tired.

Taxi took around 55 Dh.

Dubai Miracle Garden includes the garden and butterfly garden with all different kind of butterflies and cute stuff. To be honest I didn’t like that much, but kids will love it. Its just a closed domes with high humidity and lots of butterflies flying around, they are really beautiful but for some reason  I was scared! (And I was trying to act tough in front of scared kids, Superwoman Zeina)

The Actual Dubai Miracle garden is just beautiful and pretty. You just want to sit there and feel relaxed and calm (And OF course take a million picture). Its also huge, and everything there is covered with flowers! ( I was searching for the famous car there but ended up finding an airplane)!

My advice is come in the afternoon because girl THE SUN!! My nose was burned after that haha!

Meet people and mix. Help people to take good picture!!! GOOD NOT OK! Dubai is the place where you can meet everyone.

Again, Thank you SO MUCH for reading this small post, I hope it was useful somehow and I hope you enjoyed it! Leave me your pictures if you ever been there, I would love to see them!

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Here is the link for: Public transportation to Global Village.

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However, I faced a lot of obstacles because of my Passport, I don’t have the luxury to travel to many countries, but I will continue to believe in myself and the world.

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