In the planning stage of my trip to Lebanon, I was so afraid of money issues, everyone told me how expensive it will and how I will spend almost 1000$ in just 4 nights?? I was skeptical!

But like in any country you visit, you have to go through your own experience and actually travel!!

I get all of my reservation ready, booked a plane and spend Eid in Lebanon! with 1000$ as a backup plan.

To be honest, I researched a lot before I go, I wanted to prove that sometimes not everything people say is right! you have to explore yourself!

Back to the post! Is Lebanon really that expensive? Can 20$ buy you anything? Is 20$ even a price worth mentioning in Lebanon?

So why not make a list of all things you can do for just 20$!! (this was with the help of my Lebanese friend Tarek Hassan find on Instagram @Tarek.hass)!

#1 Serfees ( a taxi that can carry many people) that will take you from one point to another or even take you from Beirut to Tripoli costs around 2$!!

#2 Having a true, simple Lebanese breakfast in Tripoli or Beirut that can include Hummes Or Fatayer will cost you around 3$.

#3 Tasting the iconic Kunfa cake ( It sounds very strange but tastes amazing) will cost you 2 to 3$!

#4 Moving around Tripoli will cost you 1$ and in Beirut will cost you around 1.3$ (Just make sure to take the Serfees).

You can read more about the difference between normal Taxis and serfees in 10 Tips to be an expert tourist in Lebanon!

#5 The Entrance fees for Khan Al Saboun is 3$ and even the entrance fees for the most iconic place in Lebanon; Jeita Grotto is around 12$!

#6 After a day spent exploring, now it’s time for lunch and this can be tricky, having Shawrma, Sandwich or even a pizza will all cost you less than 15$!! Of course, you will find many fancy restaurants there that will serve a meal for 100$! Again it’s up to you how to spend your money.

#7 At night you can sit in a nice cafe and have some fresh orange juice or a delicious Lebanese chocolate soufflé.

#8 The price of gas is also kinda cheap in Lebanon, if you are renting a car then gas should be in your daily expenses, for 1 you have to pay around 17$!

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Hope this post inspired to do your OWN research! Plan your own trip and never depend on anyone (maybe just on tips 😅).

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