Malaysia was always on my bucket list for two reasons, I don’t need a visa to enter it hehe and it will be my very 1st country in East Asia!! I searched, booked, took a risk and traveled alone.

I traveled for 8 days and visited 4 cities!! It was one of those journeys that I challenged myself in every step of the way.

After researching and asking a good amount of people, I gathered a fair amount of tips that will help you to enjoy Malaysia more!

#1 Malaysia is not just a honeymoon destination, it’s much more. It’s a choice for solo travelers, friends, families. You will end up meeting different nationalities and making new friends.

#2 When you convert your money, count it! This might be an obvious tip but sometimes we do forget it. When I arrived, I converted 50$ and find out 100 RM missing! So be careful and always check your money.

#3 Food! Some people love Malaysian food, some hate it! for me, it was so different I couldn’t enjoy it. However, there are many options for those who don’t accept Malaysian or spicy food such as Mcdonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Nando’s, etc.

#4 Always use Grab or Uber to move around! Don’t take taxies, they are expensive and cheaters, Grab and Uber are very nice and polite, you will enjoy the ride.

#5 Malaysia is not just Kuala Lumpur, there are so much culture and beauty in other cities, Penang, Langkawi and Cameron. Experience the real Malaysian culture by exploring more than just one city.

#6 Carry dollars not your local currency, it’s better to convert dollars to RM, you will have a better conversion rate.

Selamat siang!

#7 From November till February, the beautiful island of Malaysia are closed. I went in January and the weather was acceptable but all the islands were closed (beside Langkawi and Penang).

Langkawi Eagle Island – Malaysia

#8 Language is not a barrier, everyone speaks English, some more than others but EVERYONE will help you.

#9 Ask locals or your uber driver when visiting a new city. Asking around will give you a better idea about the place, specially in Malaysia since everyone is so nice.

#10 Be a tourist, the main destinations in Malaysia are WORTH IT! Touristic sights are really beautiful and well taken care of.

#11 Malaysia is very tourist friendly, it’s easy to navigate and walk around. Just do your own research and ask for a couple of tips and you are good to go!!

I hope those tips were a bit helpful in terms of planning your trip to Malaysia! Search, Plan, Book and Fly!!