My 2nd stop in Malaysia was Penang and what a city! I was fascinated with the culture and the art. I decided to visit Penang because of all the beautiful pictures I saw on Instagram, and I can say it was more than I expected.

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Penang is known for its food and its street art graffiti that touch your heart, I couldn’t experience the food, but I can assure you the street art was spectacular. Moreover, Penang famous city; George Town is a UNESCO heritage city; it is also known for its old and authentic buildings.

How to reach

You can reach Penang by plane, a bus or a ferry if you are coming from Langkawi.

The plane will take around 30 min from Langkawi and 1 Hour from KL, you can also catch the bus from KL, and it will take about 4 hours. I really, sincerely advise you just to book that plane, life will be much easier.

If you are however coming from Cameron Highlands as I did, then the bus will almost take 5 hours, and you need to get off at Butterworth station. Afterward, you need to make the ferry to Georgetown, Penang.

You can also grab the Ferry back and worth from Langkawi which will last 2 hours (depends on the weather).

What to do

Art and Food

As I mentioned Penang is famous with food and art, the streets are filled with tiny restaurants on the sides that will offer you a variety of Asian dishes (Indian, Pakistani, Chinese and Thai). And for those who don’t like spicy food, there is always Mac, KFC and Pizza Hut. You name it.

The 2nd most fantastic thing is the street art! In 2012 there was a campaign calling for a more creative George town, and that’s when graffitis started showing up. I can positively say the drawings were just amazing! In every corner there is a very expressive piece of art, the details in each one were incredible.

And the best part is searching for them! You grab the Graffiti map and start wandering in the streets, you will make friends, you will laugh at weird poses and most of all you will experience the real culture.

Penang Hill

Entrance fees: 30 RM.

The 2nd famous place that you should visit is Penang Hill! Take an uber and head there. You will arrive at the main gate and will take the funicular to the top hill, there are many more activities to do there, but you will pay an extra fee.

Words cannot describe how beautiful the view is; it is so peaceful and relaxing!

Tip: Buy an ice cream or a cup of fruit, it tastes incredible and will cool the heat down.

There are many more activities in this lovely city, but sadly I wasn’t able to visit them all. If you have more time make sure to visit all the popular streets, the unique Chinese houses and of course the beach area!

Hope you enjoyed this post!! I will see you next time!