If you are following my Malaysia series, you will notice that my next stop in Malaysia was Langkawi Island. I have never been on an Island before, never knew what it would be like and since I wear a Hijab I thought it wouldn’t be fun (because I thought there is nothing to do beside swimming). Turns out; it was the best part of my whole trip to Malaysia!

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There are few facts that amazed me about this Island; for example, In 2007, Langkawi became a geographical park by UNESCO, it almost hasn’t been touched by civilization!

Langkawi has zero public transportation, meaning you either need to rent a bike or grab an Uber. Moreover, Langkawi is the home for the best beaches in the world!

How to get there

The best way to reach Lankagwai is by plane, the plane from KL to Langkawi (one way) lasts 1:15 min and costs around 50$ (depends on the season).

The other way is a ferry from Penang. Bear in mind that the ferry might take 2 – 4 hours depends on the weather! You can also catch a plane from Penang to Langkawi, and it will last 30 min for 20$ (Pretty good deal if you ask me)!

Once you reach the airport take an Uber (not Grab) to your destination (Grab is new to the city and can be more expensive).

cutest airport ever.

Where you should stay

There are two famous beaches in Langkawi:

#1 Panati Cenang: its where are the cheap hotels are, mostly backpackers, young tourists stay there since it’s pretty cheap and have access to the beach.

#2 Pantai Kok:  it’s the fancy one where five stars hotels are located, It’s a beautiful area but very expensive for a person like me hehe.

What to do

Water activities

The options are endless! Jetski, parasailing, banana ride, etc.

The sea is perfect, and the locals are very helpful. However, don’t accept the 1st price you are offered! Every hotel has a little booth outside, and it provides every kind of water sports at a reasonable price! The cheapest one for me was the AB motel booth.

My 1st ever experience in riding a jet ski.

Island Hopping

I was second guessing this one cause I have never done it and I almost didn’t go! But it was a fantastic experience that I will do it in a heart beat!

Island hopping will last almost half an hour, and you will visit three islands ( Pulau Dayang Bunting, Pulau Singa Besar (Eagle feeding) and Pulau Beras Basah).

In the 1st Island (pregnant lady island) you will have to walk through a small forest with monkeys all around you to reach a secret lake inside the island itself! Swimming in an Island in the middle of nowhere was out of this world.

Tip: Don’t carry food to the island, don’t stop and put your bag down! Monkeys will grab anything you have and run away with it! Try not to be scared in front of them (I couldn’t).

The 2nd island where we got to the meet the symbol of the city; the eagle, we got to feed them and watch them hunt for fishes. Don’t worry, it’s not scary, and you are not hurting the Eagles.

The last island is where you will be able to sit back, relax and maybe get a tan!

I recommend the Island hopping tour, and it once in a lifetime experience.


Entrance fees: 60 RM (for the two cable cars).

Entrance fees for the Funuklar: 15 RM.

For those who love challenges, well you have arrived! The sky bridge is located 2170 ft above sea level, you will need to take two cable cars and one funicular to get there, and it is scary AF!

I am afraid of heights, but I couldn’t miss the opportunity to see Langkawi from above. I am sure there is a video somewhere of me screaming my lungs out in the label car hehe.

Overall my trip to Langkawi was worth every minute, I got to see dolphins, monkeys, amazing people and the bonus part is chocolate and some other things are duty-free in the Island of Langkawi!

I hope you found this post helpful, let me know your adventures in Malaysia. Till next time.