Hey Everyone! Welcome to another blog post! Thank you so much for reading. This blog post is going to be Abu Dhabi and a particle place to be exact.

When I visited UAE, there was two places on my list! 1st, Dubai Fountain which was amazing and the other one was Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi and IT WAS AWESOME.


How to get to Abu Dhabi

Bus cost: 25 Dh.

Duration: 2:30 hr.

THERE IS WIFI! (For UAE numbers).

I thought its going to be very hard to move between states but I was surprised how easy it was.

1st make sure you buy a Nol Card for transportation, you will need it in the metro and in the bus heading to Abu Dhabi.

Take metro to Ibn Battuta Station (before the last station on the red line). When you go out from the metro, you will be hit with a smell OMG, the worst smell ever. In Ibn Battuta, there is a main Bus station, wait for Abu Dhabi bus (Usually comes every half an hour). Make sure to stay in line cause a lot of people go to Abu Dhabi and you might miss the bus.

Once you reach Abu Dhabi, take a taxi or have a friend to enjoy the city. I was lucky for a friend of mine to take us all around the city ( Ahmad Thank you!!)

Sheikh Zayed mosque

You will see it from far awaaaay, so white and sooo beautiful, I never been to Taj Mahal but I am gonna call it, Mini Taj Mahal!!

Make sure to wear something long and bring a scarf to cover your hair, If by chance you forget, they will give you a whole outfit and its kinda pretty cool! They even give men Dashdash (Men wear in UAE, The dress white thing)!

Some cool facts about this mosque!

Its the 5th largest mosque in the world! and got the largest hand made carpet in the world!! and of course everyone is allowed to visit! (not like the common fact that no one is allowed to enter).

Zeina Tip: Take your time to explore and don’t rush things, take pictures but don’t forget to take a moment to enjoy the beauty of the mosque.

Of course there are many things to do in Abu Dhabi other than visiting Sheikh Zayed mosque but I didn’t have the time hehe BUT I will list them for you in case you are wondering what to do there:

Abu Dhabi Corniche a beautiful place by the beach, to sit, to swim or drink some tea,  Ferrari World a place where all the cool cars hang out ( From outside it look HUGE!)

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I linked to you a post I found about the construction of the mosque, Enjoy!!

Before and After Photos

Today’s blog post is going to be more personal, I want you to know ME more, about Zeina! and more about why I started this blog!

Name: Zeina.

Age: 25 years old (OLD)!

Nationality: Iraqi, Arab.

Education: Chemical engineer and MBA holder.

Status: Single (haha).

WARNING: this is going to be long Post!!!

One upon a time there was a girl name Zeina and that girl decided she wants to travel and here is her story.

Before finishing my degree, I decided that I want to study masters outside the country, for one single reason I wanted to be independent, I wanted to find the real Zeina.

I applied for a British university in Uk and for 6 months I arranged everything from papers to paying my whole university fees. The big shock came when my visa got rejected simply for being an Iraqi. I was depressed, I knew I was meant to do something but all my dreams crashed. SOMEHOW God send me a message (British university in Istanbul)! Going to Istanbul was the best thing I ever did in my life!

In Istanbul, I Lived! I found the real me and I found out that I am meant to do good things in life!

I met sooo many people, people loved me and some people hurt me! All of this made me the person I am Today and I am grateful everyday for this!


Why did I started blogging

As a Hijabi woman from a country that is now known for war and destruction, I wanted to make a difference ( As lame as it is) I really want to leave a good and proud Image of Iraq, Women and me to the world.

I wanted to show everyone, That Women especially Arab women can do anything they want! I wanted to show that a normal Hijabi woman like you and me can do something! And thats why I started blogging!


Although I started a travel blog! Its very hard for me to travel because of my passport! I got rejected 3 times to go to Europe because I am a single, Iraqi girl!

How did I Start

One afternoon in my lovely Istanbul, I decided that I will start a blog, I opened my laptop and searched ” How to start a blog for free” cause I was poor, AM STILL POOR! many sites pop up and after a bit of research, I created my 1st blog post 101 guide to your 1st week in Istanbul.

After that, I bought my domain with the money I had ( 15 TL) and after 2 months my awesome brother bought my hosting! Babysteps!!

At the end, I am a simple woman just trying to make things more positive and more bright. I know this wasn’t a travel related material but I hope you liked it! If you have more question feel free to reach me.

Thank you all so much <3 Till next time.

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