Hello Everyone, welcome to another blog post!! Life has been crazy but it is worth it at the end. Today our blog post is going to be about an anicent place in Turkey called Ephesus!! It was one of the few places that I HAD to visit and you should too!

The great thing about Ephesus that it was destroyed and rebuilt so many times till this day. Earthquakes didn’t like that area but somehow it is still standing till this day. You will be able to see the touch of the Roman and Greek Empires.

How to get there

You can get to Ephesus by two ways, the hard way and the easy way! ( I will leave the hard one till the end)!

It is a very simple simple way but I don’t know why Turkish people made it so damn complicated!

In Izmir go to the main Train station ” Basmane” station, there are both a metro and a train station there. Take a train to Selçuk station which is 1:30 hr away.

Selçuk is a small tiny village with beautiful people and CHEAP food!! in there ask for the ” Selçuk Otogar” which is literally a very small buses area, tell them Ephesus and they will take you there!

Basmane → Selçuk → Selçuk  Otogar → Ephesus! Easy right!

When you reach Ephesus, you will notice how big it is! A Turkish man will offer you a taxi that will take you up in the mountain to see Virgin Mary house and then drop you at the top entrance for 80 TL ( You can spilt the money with your friends so it will be cheaper) OR just walk the whole thing.

Seven Sleepers

In the way to visit Virgin Mary house the taxi guy will show you a place that turkish people assume it was the home for The Seven Sleepers. In Islam, the seven sleepers slept in a cave for 300 years and they believe that it is this cave that they slept in. ( Too much history I know).

Virgin Mary 

As they told us, Virgin Mary spend her last days in that house and till now she takes care of the city and Ephesus. There is a wall of wishes where they believe if you write your wish and leave it at that wall it will become true within a period of time ( Well we always should be careful what you wish for).


Entrance Fees: 40 TL.

Ephesus gives you a weird feeling, the feeling of sadness and hope. With everything that happened to Ephesus somehow it still standing.

Follow the path and explore the ruins cause there is a lot of cool hidden places but PLEASE don’t destroy or play with anything, its already destroyed don’t destroy it more.

I know this was a history lesson hehe but what is a place without a story! Don’t forget to follow me on facebook The Zeina Diary.  Hope you enjoyed this one. Till next time. I posted a link about trains in Turkey (Life saver).

Hard way to get to Ephesus 

Take a bus or taxi to izmir Otogar from Otogar you take a second bus to Selçuk from Selçuk a minibus to Ephesus!

Ask on every step of the way its very confusing and far!!

Here is a link to all the trains in Turkey!!

Turkey Rail way

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