Merhaba everyone and welcome to another blog post YAY!. I want to say thank you so much for reading we are almost 2 month old! And I am turning 25 next week! (ugh life happened).

Today our post is going to be about another one of how to enjoy one day in somewhere and today it is Ankara! I know you might heard that Ankara is Kinda boring BUT I came to give you a little help in enjoying 1 day in there! Lets Start.

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Birds Picture.

Many of you don’t know this but Ankara is the official capital of Turkey I know I used to think its Istanbul. And that piece of information tells a lot about Ankara! it is the capital so yes work work work. A lot of people living there are either students or employees.

Ankara Airport called Esenboğa International Airport, it is a very small cute airport. Just walk outside and ride the big white bus that will take you to the city center; Kızılay. It will take around 45 mins. In your way back take the same bus from Kızılay.


Ataturk, The father of all turks.

You will use the main Metro line which passes by the city center Kızılay (maybe its not the city center but it is for me haha) and the place that we are going next Anıtkabir!! I went to Ankara to only see this place and IT WAS SO WORTH IT!!

It is Mustafa Kemal Atatürk tomb; the founder and the 1st president of Turkey. In Turkey, everyone loves and adores him, he is the father of all Turks. And the place IS AMAZING!


Me trying to be cool.

Seriously this place is amazing, and it is HUGE!! its free of charge and surrounded with a huge forest! Make sure to visit the museum next to it and see how Turkey was founded, they seriously did a great job!


Ataturk Tomb.

After you visit Anıtkabir you basically finished Ankara, Seriously!! but there a few tips that I can tell you to enjoy the few hours left in your day.

There is a big mosque, Kocatepe Mosque which is a famous one in the Kızılay area also, it literally looks like any mosque in Istanbul but the interior is kinda different and also huge!


Its very huge in real life.

Zeina Tip about Ankara: Grab as many food as you can cause it is very cheap and GOOD! and they will love that you are a tourist or at least they loved me *sunglasses emoji*.

Don’t forget to visit the 50. Yıl Parkı, where you will see all of Ankara and enjoy a good cup of tea there. Also there is so many cute cats so bones!!

I tried to make you experience the parts I experienced in Ankara, yes it is small and not a lot of things to do there But you will enjoy the quite life, the big streets and the NO traffic part!! I really really recommend visiting Anıtkabir! One of my favorite places in Turkey.

Hope you enjoyed this little tiny post, don’t forget to follow me on my Facebook Page The Zeina Diary. Till next time.



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However, I faced a lot of obstacles because of my Passport, I don’t have the luxury to travel to many countries, but I will continue to believe in myself and the world.

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