Today’s blog is different, it is by an amazing person and a photographer; Ehab! I fell in love with his pictures, every picture tells a story. It is true that a picture says a thousand word and with Ehab pictures, they say a million word especially Zanzibar pictures.

Ehab is going to tell you the story of Zanzibar by his pictures! No words needed.. just beautiful pictures!!

Just a small introduction about Ehab, He quit engineering and pursued his passion .. it wasn’t easy but it’s never easy to achieve greatness! Ehab was one of the King’s photographers (AWESOME!!). I can simply say Ehab is thoughtful, amazing and have a huge heart person which you will see that  in his pictures!

I am not going to write more because people, pictures speak from themselves.

You can follow him on his Facebook page Ehab Othman And at his blog

What do you think of this heaven on earth? We are scared of the unknown places but there is a beauty there that will leave you amazed! Zanzibar was and still is on the top of my list and with those pictures I felt like I was there! Thank you Ehab for those great pictures!

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Author: Zeina

An Iraqi/ Hijabi Travel blogger. Trying to make a difference! I want to empower women and Iraqis in specific.
However, I faced a lot of obstacles because of my Passport, I don’t have the luxury to travel to many countries, but I will continue to believe in myself and the world.

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